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Creative Gift Wrapping with Scotch Tape

Gift wrapping can either be an delicate art or a case of crumpling paper until it fits and slamming on some tape for good measure. When you’re organised and have time it’s a beautiful thing, an activity you can do perched in front of Elf or Love Actually, feeling all together jolly. Unfortunately I can only…

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good looking storage

Hello! Sorry things have been a bit slow on the blog. It is a lovely problem to have so much design work I don’t have much time for posts, but I still have itchy feet to format all the DIY projects I have mounting up. Here’s a little bit of crafty action for your (snowy…

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diy heart print bag

Tote bags are undoubtably very useful but I don’t think there’s any excuse for them not to look nice whilst doing their job. Here’s a simple idea to give a plain canvas tote some life. Personally I think everything you need can be bought most reasonably from Ebay. All you need is…. a plain canvas…

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