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Make Your Rented House a Home

If you’ve read my blog for a while you probably know that me and my husband are not home owners, shock horror! I used to believe the lie society likes to tell that you have to own a home before you even consider settling down. I found it very refreshing to move from suburbia to London and no longer feel…

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Picking perfect sofa for small spaces

The guys at Argos recently got in touch to see if I would share my top tips for choosing and styling a sofa and with updating our own sofas in the last year I have a little bit to say on the matter.  Our home is totally open plan, bar a door for the bedroom…

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coming home

Prompted by Hive’s Coming Home campaign, I’ve once again been thinking about what I love coming home to. Last week I shared a recipe that always makes me want to run home and gobble it up. This week I was having a little ponder about what I love to come home to when I’ve been away for…

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