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a bowl full

I love miniature patterned bowls! When I first started seeing them take over shop shelves, I was drawn to them and it got me thinking up a DIY version. That’s just how my mind rolls at the moment! Once baked these are dishwasher proof, so you can use them as dipping bowls or for snacks…

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oh christmas tree

I’m very excited to be putting our tree up this weekend! It was always a bit of an occasion growing up. Even as teenagers me and my brother would clear our diary to make sure we were present on this magical day. Bought decorations are lovely but there’s something even better about making a few…

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just because….

You’ll probably never see me without nail polish on my finger nails but usually I’m not fussed about my toes. However, this is such an easy way to make your feet look pretty (and I’m no big fan of my feet…or feet in general for that matter) that it begs a try. People will marvel…

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