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5 minute pom pom jewellery

As with most of my DIY ideas, I’m on the hunt for something myself and in the end just decide to make it instead. That’s exactly why I decided to make these earrings but the beauty of them is not just that pom poms make everything look super cute but they also take all of 5 minutes! I promise I’m not exaggerating as that’s about the amount of time I have for crafting with little Magda around right now. I rustled these up at the end of one of her naps and boom!…a new pair of earrings.

You can obviously make your own pom poms but I fancied these nice neat ones that you can buy here. Keep on reading for me seriously minimal instructions…easy peasy.


  • Plain stud earrings and plastic protective backs
  • 2 x pom pom in your colour choice
  • 2 x metal eye pins
  • All purpose glue

Dab the end off the metal eye pin with the all purpose glue.

Push this into the pom pom, enough of the way in to be secure.

Then thread the back of the earring through the hole of metal eye pin.

 Thread clear plastic back on behind the eye pin and push together to keep it all in place.

Dress them up or down or give them as a fun gift. C’est Voila!

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