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5 Minute Tree Decorations

I can’t seem to stop adding decorations to our Christmas tree! It just looked a little sparse to begin with so each week I’m adding something new. The latest addition are these super simple bead decorations, almost like mini wreaths for your tree. Each one honestly takes about 5 minutes so you can easily whip up a few in no time. It’s always lovely to have something handmade on the tree but who on earth has time for something detailed and complicated at this time of year!


Start by cutting a length of wire that will allow for excess beyond your ring shape.

Thread on your beads in some sort of pattern but you can create a new pattern of small on large on each decoration.

When you have your desired size, loop around for the two bits of wire to meet and then twist.

Use the pliers to help you twist the wire around a couple of times.

Then use the pliers to create a loop at the top and thread the end of the wire through the loop and twist around. Trim both ends with the wire cutters.

Now attach your thread through the little wire loop. I did this as I would a gift tag, tie and double knot at the top. Voila!!

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