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AD | Dining Room Makeover with Heals

AD | dining table and bench kindly gifted by Heals 

When we first looked around our rented house I was almost purely sold by the dining space. It’s so unusual to have such a substantial dining area attached to a kitchen like this when living in the centre of a city. I was excited to think that meant our dining and living rooms could be separate, a luxury we hadn’t had in our previous London flat. The high, sloping ceiling and skylights meant the space felt bright and airy and my head immediately began to buzz, thinking of all the possibilities.

Very early on I got in touch with Heals, having admired their dining sets for so long and they agreed to order me one of my choice. I picked the beautiful Oslo dining table and bench in ‘White Oiled Oak’ which is a lovely, light and cool toned wood. This set is made to order so I had to be patient but it was well worth the wait as it’s such good quality, timeless piece. Not only that but you get to design the specifics yourself by choosing the wood type, the length, width, edge profile and filler which means you end up with something pretty custom and tailored to your space. It just so happened that I picked the dining set first and then let everything in the room flow from there.

I found these bistro chairs to go with the table and the bench on Facebook Marketplace and stripped them of their stain to get them to a closer tone of the wood of the bench and table. Seeing as we’re renting I thought it was a good idea to get an indoor/outdoor (easily wipeable) rug to protect the carpet underneath and this jute one pairs well with the natural, organic look of the dining table and bench.

The beadboard effect ties the elements together and adds more texture but I’m also in love with the contrast between the light wood of the dining set and the dark green. By adding the long curtains, high wall shelving and a longer pendant light, the ceiling height is emphasised and gives the whole room a somewhat grander feel.

For more on this makeover and a clever hack that will enable you to install beadboard without the power tools, head to my Youtube video…

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