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Wow! How on earth are we already well into June! I felt as if May didn’t even really happen…a blink and it was gone. So I’m a little perplexed as to how it’s nearly Father’s Day but never the less I come to this post somewhat prepared with a free printable card for any of you who might share my feelings.

I scanned my sketch only to realise that I’d made the same spelling mistake that’s not only been a recurring theme in the last few weeks but a blind spot throughout my entire life! It seems that no matter how much older I get I still have a serious issue with the word ‘you’re’. It nearly always comes out as ‘your’ or somewhere along the line I decide to ditch the apostrophe. It’s a laughably regular mistake but when you find you’ve made it twice on two print runs worth of cards, totalling 3,500 sheets…well, it ain’t so amusing! Anyway I’ve amended my mistake and it’s available as a free download, along with the envelope right here.

Just print onto card and score down the middle to fold. The envelope will need to be printed onto A3 paper and has instructions on the downloadable sheet. You can then glue or tape the enveloped together. Show your Pa some love this Sunday. My Dad deserves a whole load of thanks for all he’s done over the years.

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