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DIY Mudcloth Inspired Throw

It’s been a long ol’ while since I last posted on here, let alone create a DIY project!Lockdown has had me overwhelmed but I’ve been making some space to create some more projects that have been swimming around in my head.

I recently realised that whilst I’ve the colours and textures in our bedroom decor, it was lacking any pattern. That seems a bit strange considering my background training is in print ad pattern and all that! I came up with this very simple idea to transform any plain throw into something a bit more special.


Step 1

Start by drawing the strips onto the lino. It’s totally up to you as to how wide to make them and the gap between them.

Step 2

Then use your lino tool to scoop out the areas that you don’t want to print, leaving the two lines raised. Make sure you’re thorough to get rid of any stray sections that might print.

Step 3

Stick the lino stamp onto your block of wood, trying to centre it so you have a better idea of where it will print once flipped.

Step 4

Then pour out some of the fabric paint onto a protected surface and using the roller or paintbrush, cover the raised section of your stamp.

Step 6

There’s no need for exact measuring but try and keep t a fairly uniform pattern, working through the throw in lines. Leave to dry and there you have it!

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