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This make was inspired by a trip to one of my favourite shop for ‘things you never knew you needed’, Flying Tiger. I came across this lovely grey marl, jersey yarn and instantly had to buy it and worry about dreaming up a use for it later. It wasn’t long before I was taken with the idea of somehow donning a wrapping technique to create a handy, whilst pretty, trivet. I’m often trying to scramble for things to put down to protect the table or surfaces from scalding heat. Our table is a bit worse for wear on that front amongst others but I’m soon to be getting a new one and looking forward to using things to keep it protected. Having said that, these could easily be used as coasters for hot drinks too. You need very few materials to create this Scandi inspired idea which is even better. 

Make sure you use jersey yarn as you need the stretch in it to make for even distribution. Be careful to get a wooden bead that’s no larger than the base so that your pots can sit evenly. We don’t want wonky pots and clumsy spills do we?! 



process-1Start by cutting a long length of yarn. You can loop or tie the end section together if that makes it easier to use in the meantime.

process-3Take your large wooden ring and tie the end of your string on to it with a tight double knot. Leave a short length of the yarn coming out of the knot. Don’t trim this as you’ll need it later.

process-4Start wrapping the long length of yarn around the wooden ring. Make sure you keep this tight and with every wrap touching the last so the wood isn’t showing. Do three or four wraps and then find the small wooden ring.

process-5On the third or fourth wrap, bring the yarn down and wrap around the small ring, holding it in the centre. Make sure you bring the yarn over the top of the small ring, take it through and back underneath to the large ring, taking it round and over the top. The do another three to four wraps around the large ring and repeat in this way, the whole way round. Try and keep the small ring central as much as you can but with the stretch of the jersey you can always. tug a little to decentralise it as you get further along.

process-6Wrap right to the end , threading the last bit through to meet extra little bit of string from the beginning.

process-7Thread the wooden bead onto the loop and then tie a double knot to keep the bead in place.

diy-wrapped-scandi-trivet-tray-easy-home-ideas-craft-ideasdiy-wrapped-scandi-trivet-tray-home-ideas-craft-ideasAren’t they sweet?! Thankfully they look just as nice hanging up in your kitchen, as well as on the table and worktops. I’m obsessed with this stretchy yarn and can’t wait to think up even more ways to use it. Watch out family, there’s a good chance that every Christmas gift you receive may well be made out of this stuff! Happy making every one!


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