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Simple tweaks to update a bedroom

Well don’t judge me but this is the third time I’ve made over our bedroom since moving in but what can I say,I’m always itching to do more. As the darkest and coolest room of the flat, I really wanted to inject some warmth into the space. The inspiration for the whole update came from the terrazzo coasters I made at a recent workshop. I loved the tones and textured feel so I wanted that to translate into our bedroom. Here’s the simple tweaks I made to change the feel of the room without breaking the bank.

Soft furnishings

This is always the fist place I start because it’s simple but so effective in bringing about a new look. I wheeled out some old bedding but added in the rust brushed cotton pillowcases and muslin blanket both from H&M home. I moved some cushions from other rooms to decorate the bed because our sofa has more than enough to share! I focused on mixing textures like linens, canvas, woven and velvet but keeping the tones similar to tie them all together.

Rearranging the shelves

For a style faffer like myself, our thin picture shelves are perfect for arranging and rearranging without too much effort. It’s easy to update the art prints on a regular basis, as well as adding in trinkets and plants that I collect along the way. Nothing is permanent or nailed to the wall so it’s perfect for a little update. I decided to add in one of my new prints this time because it seemed wrong not to!


I’m a strange mix of loving a giant clear out and decluttering our home of anything we no longer use and yet also enjoy thinking up ways to repurpose old items to give them a new lease of life. I’m either way too over zealous piling things in bags to take to charity shops or holding on to random objects for years, telling myself they’ll come in handy for a future home project. Anyway this time, after fancying myself some terracotta details in the room and realising trends like this now equal a higher price tag  I came up with a solution. I discovered there’s such a thing as terracotta spray paint! I collected my old vases and pots together and gave them a good blitz and voila! Something I would have thrown away but now will use. It’s addictive too, a bit like spraying everything I owned copper was 4 years ago.

Quirky Wall details

It bugged me that a big space on our wall was still empty. I was desperate to fill it but wanted something a bit different to a gallery wall. I came up with the idea of a basket wall, which went with the whole look and feel of the rest of the room. It’s so easy to source random baskets in charity shops, ebay or on your travels and they don’t cost much at all. I picked a variety of sizes, colours and shapes and then with one single nail for each, I was able to create a spread of them across the wall. I love how much personality it adds and plan to add to it over time.

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