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watercolour lettered free desktop wallpapersWow, it’s that time of the month again! Time for some more free desktop wallpapers and this month I’ve kept it simple with my trusty watercolours and a limited colour palette. Both sets of text seem particularly relevant to me at the moment. Summer was definitely a time of learning to say ‘no’. When you start out as a freelancer in many ways you have to say yes to nearly everything to get known, be ‘out there’ and build up a body of work. I didn’t need any one to point a gun to my head in order to see streams of yes’ pouring out of my mouth. I’m the kind of gal that finds it hard to say ‘no’. I’ve had so many good things come from all those yes’ but there finally came a time when I had too much work and was in the rather fancy position of choosing between projects and even prioritising those with more financial gain (madness). The learning process has made me much more selective in business,  which I think has done wonders for my sanity but I also don’t want to totally shelve that eager spirit that says ‘yes, yes, yes’. Sometimes saying yes to things brings you down a route you never thought you’d go and opens up other possibilities for your business or creativity which is a great thing.

As for my not so bright eyes. I’ve generally been feeling totally wiped out of late so those days when I feel alive and on the ball or so much more appreciated and help me remember what a big old blessing it is. Today is one of those brighter days, where I have my blinkers open wide rather than semi closed and trying desperately not to nap. Hooray and long may it continue!

If you fancy downloading these wallpapers for free then you can right here. I hope you like them and remember if you post a picture on Instagram using one then use #SomethingForYourScreen and I can get a little window into them in action!

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