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DIY trinket tray tutorial | easy storage | craft ideasDIY trinket tray idea | easy storage | crafts

Oh how I love to reuse and make things new! I recently bought some little wooden boxes for another DIY project (coming soon) and on removing the lids that I didn’t need, I realised that they looked kind of nice on their own. Having a brain storm I thought they’d work really well as little trinket trays with a divider to separate any jewellery, stationery items or perhaps keys or crafty bits and bobs. All they needed was some colour to make them pop and hey presto! Keep them on your desk or your dresser to tidy things away. Even when things are thrown in little pots it gives the illusion of an organised space or maybe that’s just what I like to think / like to tell myself.

DIY trinket tray idea | storage | craftsDIY trinket tray | easy storage | craft ideas copyDIY trinket tray idea | pretty dresser storage | craftsDIY trinket tray tutorial | craft ideas | stacking boxes

DIY trinket tray | storage | craft ideas


process 1

Remove the lid from your boxes. Set aside the boxes and keep your eyes peeled for another DIY that can put them to god use.

process 2

Measure the inside diagonal of your boxes along with the inside height to get the measurements for the dividers.

process 3

Use the measurements to draw out the dividers and then cut each one out with a scalpel.

process 4

Check the divider fits in the box and sits secure. If it’s still a bit too big then just trim a little off the edge.

process 5

Remove the divider and paint the outside lip of the box with some wood paint. If you don’t trust yourself to stay inside the area then you could use some masking tape to plot the area. Paint a couple of coats allowing each to dry in between.

process 6

Now paint the dividers to match. Make sure you cover both sides and leave to dry. Then you can place these inside the corresponding trays and there you have it!

DIY trinket tray | easy storage | craft tutorialDIY trinket tray idea | storage box | crafts

Phew, that was easy right? You can stack them, line them up or keep them by the door for your keys. Try them in different colours too. It’s so easy and cheap to go to your local hardware store and grab some tester pots. I’m personally a little bit obsessed with this colour combination at the moment but that’s just me!

DIY trinket tray | easy storage | craft ideas copy


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