styling the seasons: July

july styling the seasonsI had hoped to get this styling the seasons post shot before I went away on holiday but that was beyond optimistic to put it mildly! Having said that it all worked out quite well as my holiday served as the inspiration for my styling this month. I made the most of the good light and styled up one of our built in shelves which doesn’t usually get much photo action as they can be a tad dark. We went to Egypt for 10 days which was just what I needed. Scorching sun, relaxation and a taste of the culture. Sorry to disappoint you if you thought I would thus be including a nod to the pyramids and a camel figurine in this post. We were in the Sanai desert so Ive incorporated this little desert plant friend in this fun cup I picked up from a charity shop. I’ve styled this up with a book as part of what I loved about being on holiday was having so much time to read! I have a renewed commitment to incorporating it into my lunch break before bed each day, instead of having my eyes glued to my phone. And then my sunnies are thrown in there for good measure because oh boy…there was enough sun to replenish my vitamin D reserves for the next year.July styling the seasonsI’m guessing all of you lovely readers probably have holidays booked particularly as we’ve now hit school holidays! That’s certainly what I start thinking about when July comes. I hope you all have a lovely time and find it just as rejuvenating as I did. I’d been functioning at 100 miles an hour, working way too much and not making enough time for relationships particular the most important one with my Husband. It’s been really good to take stock and realise how being obsessed with work totally clouds my brain and gives me tunnel vision. It’s unhealthy and I need for that to not sit right with me each day or at least listen when my husband tells me to slow down.holiday vibesI hope you enjoyed my little slice of Egypt. If you fancy joining in styling the seasons you can easily style a corner of your home and post it on your blog or twitter or instagram and useing #stylingtheseasons. Don’t forget to tag Katy and Charlotte who head up this whole concept. Then they can see your contributions.

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