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DIY decorative display shelves using Voyage wallpaper | the lovely drawerI’m Hi folks! I’m really excited to reveal my DIY as part of the Voyage wallpaper challenge. Let me introduce you to Voyage and their ultra gorgeous range of patterned wall art, hand painted and digitally printed on non-woven paper.I fell particularly hard for their new ‘Iridescence’ collection in the Voyage Studio Line range in all its dreamy watercolour glory. I picked the Jadu Grenadine design, inspired by the effect that light can have on colour to create a dramatic shimmering look and feel. When the roll arrived it was even more beautiful and vibrant in real life than in the pictures. The design manages to hold such an array of colours without looking gaudy.

DIY decorative shelves using Voyage wallpaper | a different use for wallpaper

Living in a rented flat means that wallpaper on the walls is a definite ‘no go’ so I tried to think how I could use this beautiful design to brighten up the walls in a much more temporary way. I eventually decided to make these decorative wall shelves using hat boxes. Just to clarify I ordered a hat box on ebay before you start imagining I have such things lying around my home, as a seasoned pro at the races (splutter). Jokes aside, they came out even better than expected and could easily work with any of Voyage’s wallpaper designs, given the plain white frame.

DIY decorative display shelves with Voyage wallpaper | the lovely drawerDIY decorative display shelves using Voyage wallpaper | a different use for wallpaperYou’ll need…

  • A sheet of wallpaper a little bigger than the area you want to cover (I used this one).
  • A round hat box or round papermaché box (I used this for the smaller shelf)
  • Scissors
  • Spray mount
  • White spray paint
  • Pen
  • Strong glue
  • 1 x saw tooth picture hook per shelf
  • Extra strong all purpose glue like this one

processTo make…

  1. Start by discarding the lid from the box  and just keep the main part.  Spray paint the outside and inside rims. Do this in a well ventilated area and leave to dry.
  2. Then sit the hat box on top of the section of wallpaper you like most and draw around the base. Draw another circle roughly 0.5cm in from the one you’ve just drawn. Cut this out and check if it fits inside your box. If not, just trim a little more.
  3. Now spray mount the back of the wallpaper circle and carefully lie inside the hat box. Press down right to the edge, making sure the paper is flat to the box and well adhered.
  4. Turn the box over and use the strong glue to stick either end of the saw tooth hook to the back. Make sure you have the hook straight so that the shelf will sit with the wallpaper design as you want it. Now go on and hang it up!

DIY decorative display shelves using wallpaper | the lovely drawerThat really was easy peasy!! One little reminder is that these shelves are called ‘decorative’ for a reason. I picked a hat box or papermaché box as they’re both very sturdy but I would’t push it and start storing your books in one. I mean you could try, but I’m not confident it would go well for you or your books. Instead use these as pretty display shelves aka glorified wall art. Get creative with different wallpapers and you could even use a different shaped box!

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Voyage who also supplied me with this gorgeous wallpaper. All ideas and opinions are most definitely my own.

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