woodland love

This project has been quite the lingerer. Back in September I realised I was becoming far too pally with my computer and losing touch with the art of drawing. Most things I produce at work or in my own time, start as drawings or have an element of handwork but it felt like too long since I just sat and sketched for a good few hours. If I could only count the hours I spent drawing as I was growing up I’m sure it would be a crazy amount! Dad used to bring home old work print outs for me to draw on the back of. His wallet would have taken a serious battering with the amount of paper I could get through otherwise. Back in September I was still a long distance commuter (yuck). I decided to spend a week sketching on my hour long train ride home. Armed with my sketchpad and settled/ wedged into a luggage rack, I did a series of sketches of woodland animals  using tiny lines to create the shape and shading. I combined two of these drawings with some ink work and came up with these prints…eventually. It’s quite nice to have a project you can dip in and out of.


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