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All wrapped up this Mother’s Day with Yankee Candle

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Since I’ve become a mum myself, I’ve definitely seen Mother’s Day differently.Then having a second child on top of that, with the exact same age gap as me and my brother, has brought into sharp focus just how much work and sacrifice is involved. My mum used to tell me I wouldn’t understand all the unseen things that go into being a parent until I had kids of my own – and she was right. Being a Mum is one of the best things in the world, but it’s also one of the most draining. You’re forever on an emotional rollercoaster of highs and lows through tantrums one second to squishy cuddles the next. You could be cooing over the sweetest new trick they just learned and the next minute be cursing your life because they just pooped through the third outfit change of the day as you step out the front door to attempt leaving the house. There are countless unglamorous jobs that have to be done in order to keep life ticking a long and those small humans fed and watered. It can be the most thankless job, but all of a sudden your little one says, ‘I wuuuv you mummy’, and it’s suddenly all worth it. Anyway, all this to say, it means I want to celebrate all the love and hard work my own mum put in over the years.

Something my mum loves is candles and she’s one of those people that really does burn them frequently, rather than just have them sat on a shelf looking pretty. I’m always struck by the lovely smells wafting through the rooms when I visit home. So, three guesses as to what I’ll be getting my Mama this year? Yankee Candle has created the Garden Hideaway Collection Gift Sets inspired by luscious flowerbeds overflowing with blooms and leafy herbs, essentially like the garden my mum wished she had but lacks the green fingered skills for.

Each set is in a perfectly pretty little package and this one contains three votive candles in Camellia Blossom, Afternoon Escape and Homemade Lemonade fragrances, as well as a Sunny Daydream small jar candle. These scents are bringing all the spring vibes into one gift for someone special.  The votive candles are a great idea as well, as the recipient can sit them in a container that matches their own home aesthetic.

To make a gift even more special, I love doing something a bit more exciting with the gift wrap. I came up with a little bit of inspiration for something simple, not to mention better for the environment than standard wrapping paper.

Start by either getting a roll of butcher or brown paper and mixing a colour with acrylic paint. Cut the paper to-size and then with a fairly dry brush start adding strokes to the paper, spreading them evenly across the whole thing.

Once dry, create a little corsage by gathering a mixture of dried and faux plants/leaves/flowers and wrapping some twine around the bottom and gluing.

Then wrap-up your gift and wrap the remaining twine around the parcel at one end, crossing in the middle. You can then slot the little bouquet of flowers under that twine and voila!

So, I guess I’m ready for Mother’s Day! Can’t imagine my kids will be giving me much other than a drool-fuelled cuddle, but that’s ok.

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