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Brand New Wedding Set

 Exciting news! I’ve finally designed and released my new wedding set. It’s been a while since I added to the collection which has frustrated me no end but as per usual it was a case of too many things to do and too few hours in the day, leaving it fall down that long list, you know the drill. In fact some of you reading this blog post may not even know that I’m also a designer, particularly of wedding goodies. I wear many ‘hats’ on this website but my original love is for designing itself and it’s actually what I’m trained in so there’s a fun fact for some of you that may not know.

I had the idea for this set way back in December when I came up with this DIY blog post combining marbled backgrounds with gold foil details. It had such an overwhelming response particularly on Instagram and Pinterest that I thought this might be a winner to translate into some pretty stationery and when I found out my printers were now offering digital foiling it was like a match made in heaven!

As with all my wedding template sets you can change all the wording and even the colour of the marble background to suit your big day. You can even decide if you want gold, copper or silver foil! Have a little look at the Marble Luxe range in my shop for more details or order and sample to see the prettiness for yourself.

I’ve even started a new Instagram account for all my wedding related work. I thought it might be easier to separate it from my general design, interiors and lifestyle posts so it’s all a little less confusing and makes it easier for the right people to find me. If you’d like to follow along then do come and join me over at The Lovely Drawer Weddings.

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