DIY raffia wall hanging 5

DIY Raffia Wall Hanging

I’m on a bit of a roll with DIY wall decoration right now but I promise tutorials for other purposes will resume at some point this year…maybe. As with most of my projects this one was sparked by a desire for something like this in my own home and it occurred to me that raffia placemats would be perfect! Why not eh? I’ve already used them for my little nursery lion and this Summer bag so it turns out they’re pretty handy.

There’s not much to this make and yet it makes such a statement on your wall! Easy peasy and super pretty. Here’s how….


  • Raffia placemats in varying sizes. I bought these in 28cm & 11cm and some in 20cm from elsewhere
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery thread in matching colour
  • Hand needle with large eye
  • Dowel rod bought or cut to size

Start by laying out the placemats on the floor in the formation you want. Play around until it looks even and then leave them there so you can take as you need. Grab your first placemat and start by doing a couple of stitches with the thread and tie a double knot at the back.

Then take your next placemat that sits next it and now stitch to incorporate that one. Take the thread through both placemats a few times and finish off with another double knot.

Keep on going, adding the placemats and making sure you’re joining them in the correct places.

Then sit the dowel rod on the back of your design and find the best place for it to be attached (preferably with as little poking through the gaps as possible). Now attach this in the same way as the placemats but try and only take the stitches part way through the raffia so they can’t be seen from the front. I added stitching at either end of the rod and then a few points in between. Now you can tie some thread to either end of the dowel rod to hang and you’re done!

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