Post-holiday Blues Made Better With Leesa


When someone says ‘holiday’, what’s the next word that pops into your mind? I bet that more often than not that word is ‘rest’. We work hard for our holidays and start holiday countdowns, eagerly awaiting time away from the day to day hustle and bustle of life. Rest may look like sitting by a pool, slurping a cold drink with a pink umbrella, it could look like rock climbing in the great outdoors or it could be simply working your way through the wine and culinary delights of a particular part of the world. Whatever it looks like to you, rest is the main objective of a holiday and yet so often I arrive back home feeling exhausted. Something’s gone a bit wrong there right?!

Plenty of that can be put down to travelling. We put up with the travel to get to our destination because we know that a peaceful land of abundant rest lies on the other side but then we go and undo all our hard work (or lack of it) coming back home. It usually involves early mornings or traveling through the night, cramming into tiny inhumane spaces to sleep, waiting in airports or stations, long caffeine fuelled drives or stressful transport connections. It doesn’t really feel like it should be so strenuous but somehow arriving home I feel in need of a jolly good sleep! Then there’s also the small issue of a bed that isn’t your own. We often don’t realise how much we appreciate our own little set up until we try something different. Let’s be honest, most holiday abode’s don’t have much money poured into luxurious mattresses or at least not most of the places I’ve been to. Suddenly you’re waking through the night and rising with a stiff back. Such was my recent experience…

If you follow me on Instagram, you may be aware that last month we went on a week long holiday to a Spanish villa with a group of friends in pretty Moraira. I was so ready for a rest, particularly having spent all Summer watching other people head off on their holidays. As everyone arrived back we smugly made our exit and I couldn’t wait to soak up the sun by the pool, read some books, munch on BBQ meat and drink copious G&Ts. I’m not a natural ‘rester’ it has to be said and whilst I long for all of the above I’m also the worst at actioning it. I get itchy feet and want to get out and explore, catch up on work or create an agenda for a little holiday project. I’m glad to report I was very well behaved this time. It may well have had something to do with being on holiday with a bunch of people that were much better than me at just chilling out and having slow days. Helpfully I was out numbered and so rest I did. The area we were in was gorgeous. The hills were lined with palms and villas stepping their way down to the turquoise sea. Walls were covered in bougainvillea around every turn and it was pure cacti heaven! You may have been fed up with me filming my spiky friends in the hundreds over on IG stories but I was obsessed! The skies were clear, the days were leisurely and the most I exerted myself was to go for a little walk to snap some of these pretty scenes 100 metres from our accommodation. Oh hold on, I was plummeted 33 metres down a vertical water slide but the less said about that the better.





Despite all the relaxing I genuinely missed my mattress when it came to sleeping each night. Both Nick and I commented on how sore our backs were the first few mornings, not ideal for hunkering down on a sun lounger for the day. It wasn’t even a bad mattress but it made me realise how accustomed we’d become to our mattress. Accustomed / dependent perhaps! You may remember me singing it’s praises from the rooftops on this post previously and that most definitely still stands. We were certainly lacking that level of comfort and body support while we were away. It makes me wonder what on earth we were doing for so many years, making do with an old sprung mattress. I did manage to conquer the ‘lie in’ over our time away (quite an achievement for me) but I was very aware I moved a lot in the night and didn’t wake feeling as if I’d slept all together deeply, despite the blackout curtains.

Thankfully our journey home wasn’t quite the trauma of Copenhagen. Under no circumstances would I recommend sleeping in an airport ever again! Even so the day was long and even a short haul flight often involves a long drive, a long wait either side, yucky plane air, full of naughty germs and in our case the most convoluted taxi ride home through goodness knows where. This was actually how we spent our five year anniversary rather hilariously. By the time we got back through our front door I couldn’t keep my eyes open, we’d failed at finding anything I could safely consume from Deliveroo and Nick was coming down with something. Boy oh boy were we pleased to fall into our linen sheets and nestle into our Leesa mattress. I joked that the only things I’d missed were my beloved butcher’s eggs for breakfast and our bed that was pretty close to the truth to be fair.

Great as holidays are for getting some much needed rest, it’s important to have a comfortable mattress to come home to, ready and able to ease the tiredness from travelling back from paradise. Sure, it leaves you vulnerable to noticing how poor other mattresses are when you go on trips but ‘it’s better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all, right? If you’re looking for a mattress replacement I would once again recommend a Leesa mattress. It will definitely up your bed time experience with its three layers of foam that adapt to your body, giving support and allowing airflow to keep you cool. I love that this level of comfort can be ordered with a few clicks online and delivered to your door in a compact package, making it easy to get up narrow stairs like ours. Once unpackaged and unrolled you leave it to expand to its full size and watch as the magic happens. Each mattress comes with a 100 night no-risk trial and if you don’t like it, you’ll get your money back and they’ll pick it up and donate it to a local charitable cause. What better way to try out a mattress than real life?

Much as we all love a good holiday make sure you have a decent mattress to crawl back into when you arrive home, to help make that holiday feeling linger just that little bit longer. I’ve been making the most of mine ever since, along with those delicious butcher’s eggs for breakfast each morning! How do you make coming back from a holiday less of a drag?

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