Brush Lettering Course


Whether you’re an avid typography fan, or simply want to try your hand at something new and creative, this brush lettering course is a great way to learn the skill at a time and location that suits you. The course is completely self paced and made up of a series of 16 videos and corresponding guide sheets to take you from the very basics through getting creative with your new technique. The great thing about learning this way is that you can continually refer back to the videos and advice when you run into struggles or even if you haven’t practised for a while and feel a bit rusty. The materials you download is yours to keep forever!

You will be advised on what materials to buy at the start of the course along with some links as to where Teri buys hers to make it easier for you to get started. Whilst you won’t have Teri there in person throughout the teaching, the video content and guide sheets are more in depth than the content you would receive at a standard Brush Lettering Workshop. The queries that are usually raised at these workshops have been factored into the content for your reference.

The videos you will receive include:

  1. Introduction
  2. Materials
  3. How To Hold Your Brush
  4. Brush Strokes
  5. Exercises: Lines
  6. Exercises: Curves
  7. Exercises: Diagonal Lines
  8. Exercises: Loops
  9. Exercises: Circles
  10. Capital Letters
  11. Numbers & Punctuation
  12. Lowercase Letters
  13. Lowercase Words
  14. Filling & Creating Space
  15. Balance
  16. Scale & Alternative Inks

You will be taken from technique through to developing a style and laying out phrases with the aim of creating final pieces you’ll be proud of.

PLEASE NOTE: Once purchased you have unlimited access to the teaching content but please do not abuse this by sending the files on to other people or reselling them yourself. The Lovely Drawer is a small business and a lot of time has gone into creating this e-course.