sticky goodness

27th November 2014

sticky toffee 3

This month’s edible treat is up on Aspiring Kennedy. I’ve been making British classics with a twist, partly because I just can’t leave things as they are and partly because in general I’m not a big fan of British cuisine hence the twist. I can hear your gasps and I’m sorry but in general it’s a bit boring isn’t it? Anyway one thing I like regardless and with a passion is many British puddings. We definitely do them well, hear hear! So here’s a classic with a teeny twist that makes it simpler and quicker but is no less tasty. And yes this does have dates in it. You sillies that refuse to eat sticky toffee pudding with dates in need to try it. Dates are a food of wonder if you ask me! Enough dreaming, you can find the full recipe over on Lauren’s blog Aspiring Kennedy. Make sure you stick around to follow her endless adventures across the globe with her lovely husband and adorable toddler. They’re sure favourites.

cover me in memories

26th November 2014

wrapme christmas 1I’m a complete sucker for pretty packaging, often trying to restrain myself from buying something just because I want to run home and pin the packaging on my notice board. I find the gift wrap section of stationery shops more exciting than I like to admit, ooing and aahing over sparkly gift tags, ribbons and washi tapes.

Is there a more personal way to wrap your gifts and make them look stunning than with an array of your own photos? has recently launched doing just this! You can choose a selection of images from your Instagram, Facebook or computer to create your own one of a kind wrapping paper. This is perfect for Christmas and will certainly make your gifts stand out under the tree in amongst a sea of Santas and gold foil. You could tailor the photos to suite particular memories you have with the receiver making the wrapping paper meaningful as well as the gift. Prices start from £4.99. Go check out their brand new website here!

As someone who loves Instagram (clearly) I was so happy to receive this. Thanks for the cosy socks but you’re right, the packaging was far prettier than the gift. Here are a few ideas to give your gift wrapping some extra pizazz this Christmas and they all work well with the paper.

wrapme christmas 2

Top your gift with a bright and colourful pom pom. Find the tutorial for how to make them here.

wrapme christmas 3

Make little gift tag polaroid sleeves, cut out one of your photo squares and sandwich a piece of acetate in between the photo and card frame. Stick together, whole punch and write a little note!

wrapme christmas 4

I had to get glitter in here somewhere! Coat a wooden peg in mod podge / PVA glue and sprinkle with chunky glitter. Then stick a mini bottle brush Christmas tree on top and you can use this to clip onto string / ribbon and secure your message or gift tag inside.

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This post was written in collaboration with but the opinions and views are my own. I never post material or products on The Lovely Drawer that I don’t agree with or absolutely love.

Hello Not On The Highstreet

23rd November 2014

NOTHS shop the lovely drawer

I hope you’re all having a lovely and relaxing weekend! I just wanted to pop in and share some exciting news…I’ve been accepted as a seller on Not On The High Street and have just finished putting together my store front!

NOTHS the lovely drawer 2

I’ve been working away on the side trying to get it ship shape and now you can find all my products over there. Unlike my Etsy shop where my wedding stationery is DIY focused, here I’m selling all the same templates as fully printed stock so there’s something for everyone. Obviously you can still come directly to me for that too! I’m really excited to join such an established seller of independent designer makers and excited to see where it goes. Go and take a look for yourself here. In case you haven’t seen the TV advert, it’s also a really great place to buy interesting Christmas presents that people may not have seen before and you’ll be supporting a whole host of independent creatives.

Free printable advent calendar

21st November 2014

printable advent calendar 1

As with many a Friday, I want to bring you a freebie, this time it’s a festive one! I’ve designed for you a free (yes free) printable advent calendar that even the most scaredy crafter could put together. I love interesting advent calendars and the more I think about it the more I think that might have something to do with year upon year of those generic cardboard ones with the chocolates that taste like paper. Grim.

printable advent calendar 3

To make this colourful one with goodies of your choice instead, start by finding a large stick. Go and scavenge in the park and join me in looking like a crazy person.

Now all you have to do is download the template sheets right here. Then print them off onto paper or card. I used a thick 200gsm paper. Cut around the outside and score along the fold line. Then stick strips of double sided tape on the flaps so that when you fold the bag, the whole thing come together to fit into place. The bottom tab slots in the inside and side tab goes round the back. printable advent calendar 2

Hole punch a hole at the top of each one and fill with treats. After learning the hard way I would advise not using baked treats as those little gingerbread men have made some greasy patches on the bags.

Then tie differing lengths of string through the holes and round the stick until all of your advent bags are hanging and looking lovely.

Enjoy! Maybe even try it this weekend and please do share any pics with me if you decide to make it!

printable advent calendar 4

Merry & Bright

17th November 2014

kitsch Christmas

From left to right: 3D village advent calendar // golden dear decorations // pom pom garland // neon dipped bauble // retro reindeer ornament // pop crackers // fan garland // gold diamond paper bag

Christmas is speeding our way and it’s almost time to deck the halls so I thought I’d put together some ideas for a fun and bright Christmas. If we had the pennies to change up all our decorations this year, I would definitely be edging towards a touch of playful kitsch. I really am slightly in love with that 3D advent calendar, sooo cute!

What’s your Christmas style?

Winter Comfort

14th November 2014

habitat quilted cushion 1

Today really did start out as the most dismal day! I walked about 5 minutes both ways this morning and my feet, tights and hair (not sure how with an umbrella) were soaked! The winter cold draws in and something in me is telling me to go into hibernation mode. I’m well and truly into the season of working at my desk with a cup of piping hot tea, a hot water bottle, sometimes a blanket and now this cosy little edition, my Habitat Meera cushion.

I love my Eames style chair but most of the time I want to be propped further upright while I work or read and this lovely cushion from Habitat does the trick with the right balance of firm and squishy. Yes, those are the technical terms. It holds it’s shape well, is particularly comfy and looks pretty with it’s unusual geometric quilted design, relegating my old working cushion to the sofa.

It also comes in a lovely lime and sparrow purple colour. I love statement cushions and could easily buy mountains of them to fill our chairs and sofas but then people actually need too sit in seats. What a shame!

habitat quilted cushion 2

This post was written in collaboration with Habitat but the opinions and views are my own. I never post material or products on The Lovely Drawer that I don’t agree with or absolutely love. This is a space that will always be governed by my passions and personal style.

easiest necklace ever

13th November 2014

diy wrap necklace 1

Here’s another DIY that’s been loitering my end for a while, never quite having time to edit it and write it all up for you. It really is the easiest necklace to make and will add a pop of colour to any outfit. I think the most fun part is picking out the coloured threads you want but then a colour geek would say that. I recently spent 20 minutes agonising over which coloured crayons I wanted to combine to make wax candles. It was laughable, take it from me.

diy wrap necklace 4

You’ll need…

diy wrap necklace 2

To make…

  1. Heat up your glue gun. Take your rope and bend it into a bow shape so the two ends meet in the middle. Then put a dot of glue in the middle to hold the rope in this bow shape.
  2. Leaving about 2cm of rope exposed at either end, wrap your thread around both sections of rope to bring them together. I used embroidery threads for this. Wrap tightly and overlapping so there are no gaps with rope showing through.
  3. When you get to the end of each colour section, tie a tight knot, trim the thread and then overlap the next colour block with that one to cover the knot.
  4. Continue until you get 2cm of rope left at the end.
  5. Lay the chain out. Roughly find the middle link, opposite the clasp. Taking your pliers open out that middle metal link so that the chain become a line.
  6. Thread the chain through the rope end, looping back round to meet the chain again. Then using your pliers, open up the last metal link on each end to join onto the chain where it meets. Do the same on the other rope end.

diy wrap necklace 3

And now all that’s left to do is try on your new jewellery piece. Simple!

diy wrap necklace 5


Bloggers That Brunch

10th November 2014

bloggers that brunch1

Well, nearly every one of my guests may have already blogged about this event but now I might just join in. Two Saturdays ago I hosted a little get together for some London bloggers over brunch. There was obviously A LOT of food, litres of juice and I think we all came away inspired and buzzing from so many creative ladies in one room. I managed to squeeze all of them into my cosy flat…somehow.

bloggers that brunch2

Thanks to Lauren, Che, Jo, Emma, Lynne, Lulu, Nicole, Rebecca, Amy, Reema and Claire for coming out to West London for the morning. I love it when my home is full of life and obviously I love any excuse to style up a table with DIY details! And yes…I did get the spray paint out. Don’t judge me.

bloggers that brunch3

A ‘lovely’ Christmas

7th November 2014

Christmas cards 1

Happy Friday! I’m feeling a lot more fresh faced this Friday than last and looking forward to an evening of scarves and fireworks but let’s talk Christmas! I’m very excited to bring you this years Christmas card range from The Lovely Drawer. Firstly thanks so much for all your love and encouraging messages when I posted a sneak peek earlier this week. It’s great to get feedback, especially as I’m sat working on my own at a desk.

All designs are originally hand inked / painted and put together with a vibrant colour palette. I’ve thoroughly loved designing these! It was a little gem of creativity in the midst of a blurry October. All cards are A6 printed on 280gsm Nettuno textured board, scored, with a blank inside and kraft envelopes.

The ‘Falala’ set above comes in a pack of 8 (two of each design) for £10.00 and the ‘Joy to the world’ set below comes as a set of 6 (two of each design) for £8.00 and has the corresponding Bible verse printed on the back. Uk postage is £1.20.

Christmas cards 22If you fancy buying a pack then you can head over to me Etsy store or if you’d like to buy them direct then drop me an email at Enjoy!


DIY concrete candle holders

5th November 2014

DIY geometric concrete candle holders

I’m excited to bring you this guest DIY for the fabulous Bespoke Bride. If you aren’t familiar with this inspirational wedding blog run by Jess & Emily, then you should get over there now.! Wedding DIYs, real weddings, wedding planning tips and colour pops round every corner!

I’ve been wanting to use concrete for a while now. My husband was keeping a close eye on me as I did this, probably envisaging me concreting the sofa to the carpet or something equally horrendous but it was actually very straightforwards. For the full tutorial on how to make these geometric candle holders head over to Bespoke Bride. They’re perfect for wedding table centres!