DIY metallic pattern clutch | easy fashion crafts

Clutch onto something pretty

9th February 2016

DIY metallic dotted clutch | easy fashion craftsDIY metallic pattern clutch | easy fashion crafts

Well looky here, this is rather a girly post for you all this fine Tuesday. When I discovered metallic gold leather paint…well…it had me at ‘hello’ that’s all I can say. But what to make? I went digging around to find the leftover white leather from a previous DIY project and was all smiles to find there was enough left to fashion a clutch bag. All mine have died a death in one way or another over the years.

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houzz home tour | the lovely drawer | living room

Houzz home tour

5th February 2016

houzz home tour | the lovely drawer | living roomhouzz home tour | the lovely drawer | instagramming in my homeAll photos by Chris Snook

I’m very excited to have our flat featured on Houzz UK today! I love a good home tour myself, mainly because I’m nosey when it comes to interiors. I get great thrills going through the key hole and filling up on some interiors inspiration! I’m that creepy person that peers into peoples front rooms when they have the light on at night. In fact we’ve spent 5 days staying in an AirBnb across the road (madness) while our bathroom was finally seen to and I spent most of the time imagining what I would do to the flat if I lived there. Obviously a very productive use of my time but I did lots of work too, I promise.

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tissue paper pear print | DIY wall art

fill your walls

1st February 2016

DIY tissue paper abstract art | make your walls prettyDIY fruit abstract wall art | pimp your walls | easy craft tutorial

You may have noticed a bit of a lull last week here on the blog. All I can say is it was definitely one of ‘those’ weeks. The kind where you wish you could blink and it was the weekend, except the weekend comes and it ain’t much better. Anyway I think I’ll forget last week and move forward with this one, starting with a fresh DIY.

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Make your hobby a business with Etsy

23rd January 2016

Etsy resolution | turn your hobby into a business

You may have made all sorts of resolutions this January but perhaps there are some you haven’t made because you feel they’re too big, too crazy, too overwhelming and so it’s easiest not to set yourself up for disappointment. I know that mindset well. If you’re a maker, designer or creative, you may well have little pipe dreams of turning the hobby that you so love into something you could earn money from, maybe even do full time one day but it’s all to easy when it’s just you beavering away on your own in your room making projects for friends, to see that as ‘head in the clouds’ kind of stuff. You may, like me 3 years ago, think you’ve just got a creative brain but couldn’t handle the business side of things.

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free printable valentine's notes

Printable Valentine’s love notes

21st January 2016

valentine's printables | freebies | notecardsfree printable valentine's notes

Hello hello! It’s about that time when I whip up some free printable Valentine’s treats, don’t you think? Well, that’s exactly what I’ve done with these mini brush lettered notecards and matching envelopes. They’re perfect for writing sweet or slushy love notes to the object of your affection this Valentine’s day. Why not use them all and they can open them throughout a Valentine’s breakfast? Any excuse for a scrummy breakfast works for me as you may well notice from my instagram feed.

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the lifestyle edit interview | freelance

The Lifestyle Edit: An interview

18th January 2016

the lifestyle edit interview | freelance

Funny story. It’s very rare for me to lack motivation and seriously consider climbing back into bed during the day. People question me all the time about that very thing as I work from home and I can honestly say it’s never really an issue. Today however I felt it big time. I really couldn’t be bothered to do anything and felt unexplainably low and uninspired. Then I found out from my Husband, in all it’s ironic glory that today was ‘blue Monday’, deemed the most depressing day of the year. Well, that definitely got a smile out of me as I laughed at what a cliche I was. I’d conformed with this strange statistic whilst being totally oblivious. I’d been wondering why everyone seemed obsessed with the colour blue on Instagram prior to this discovery. It reminds me of the time I got embarrassingly annoyed that the light got so dim when trying to shoot a DIY post, only to find out much later that it was a solar eclipse. Maybe I need to get out more.

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