styling the seasons – April

1st April 2015

April styling the seasonsI’m very excited about this month’s Styling The Seasons as it’s just a little bit special. Styling the Seasons is Katy and Charlotte’s monthly project to encourage each of us to take a little time to think about the new season and to style a space in your home inspired by what that month means to you. It’s a great way to mark each month throughout the year, rather than allowing all the months to fly by in a busy fuzz, which would otherwise be my natural tendency!

For April, at{mine} has teamed up with the project to form #StylingSpringAtMine and to hold a fabulous event at Homemade London on the 29th April. Caroline from Wild Rubus will be leading us in a floral wreath workshop with flowers supplied by Bloom & Wild and Lou from Little Green Shed will be giving us the ‘how to’ on May Day posies! It’s sounds pretty lovely and even better is that you can win one of the 13 places to join us at the event. All you need to do is style a space in your home for April and upload to your blog, Instagram or Twitter tagging Katy and Charlotte and using #StylingSpringAtMine. Apartment Apothecary and Lotts and Lots will be judging along with nine other at{mine} beta bloggers, including myself (cue squeal of excitement), Wild RubusMakelight, Lapin Blu, Growing Spaces, Lobster and Swan, A Quiet Style, Little Green Shed and Cate St Hill. Caroline and Olivia from Bloom & Wild and at{mine} will also be acting as judges. The 13 judges will all pick our favourite and 13 lucky people will get to hop on board for the 29th. Sounds ace! Go ahead and get styling and don’t forget to use the hashtag so we can see all your beautiful entries and do check out the other judges contributions.

easter table

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coming home

30th March 2015

bedroom update 1

Prompted by Hive’s Coming Home campaign, I’ve once again been thinking about what I love coming home to. Last week I shared a recipe that always makes me want to run home and gobble it up. This week I was having a little ponder about what I love to come home to when I’ve been away for a longer period of time. When I go away somewhere warm, I actually never want to come home but there’s always that one niggling thing that doesn’t match up wherever you go away and that’s a good night’s sleep in your own bed! Other beds just never feel quite the same do they? Perhaps because you get so used to how squishy your mattress is. Even when I get to experience luxury (an infrequent occurrence) somewhere else, it’s still a little bit creepy to be sleeping in sheets that many a punter has been wrapped in!

bedroom update 2

I’m a big fan of coming home to my own bed. It’s not a pretty bed and the mattress is very old but it still calls out to me every time. Issue number one is beds generally reside in bedrooms and I can’t say I’ve ever been a big fan of our bedroom. A big part of that was because until recently it was always 10 degrees colder than the rest of the house. That may be a teeny exaggeration but unless it was Summer, you were hit with a frosty wall of cold each time you crossed the threshold. The problem was that the top window couldn’t shut tight and so that left a pesky draft chilling the whole room. Since having that sorted out the room has felt a lot more inviting. It is however still destined to be a slightly colder room and I generally wasn’t at all in love with the decor. It seemed sparse and uninviting.

bedroom update 3

Obviously there’s only so much you can do in a rented flat. My dream of stripping the carpets and wallpaper and painting the walls and floors white are exactly that, a dream. So I settled for a little bedroom update to add some smaller touches, hopefully making it a room I wanted to be in as much as my bed.

bedroom update 4

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Spring buys

28th March 2015

spring inspirationpainted ceramic vase // sunrise cushion //  clay necklace // desert rock print // woven pot mat // vintage brass eggs //porcelain farm basket // porcelain egg planter // ‘It’s a new day’ print

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coming home

24th March 2015

comfort food

There’s nothing quite like coming home. Agreed? I love going out and I also love getting away for a break sometimes, but there’s something really nice about arriving back home again from wherever you’ve been. Being out a lot actually makes me crave home and all the little comforts that come from your own space so much more. I especially used to feel that when I commuted into an office, particularly when my commute was a 3.5 hour round-trip and dragging myself through the walk home with that little glimmer of light at the end, coming home!

What makes coming home even more thrilling is when you know you’ve got a home cooked bowl of yumminess waiting for you. Most of the time I cook but I’ve grown to love Monday evenings when I head off to Zumba (now now, don’t mock it till you’ve tried it) and Nick gets dinner ready for us for when I burst through the door in a sweaty mess. Ok, so I do go and have a little wash don’t worry, but it’s so lovely to come home to all those delicious aromas bouncing around the house and a pile of something warm and tasty laid at the table.


What are your favourite homely comfort foods?? Our ‘go to’ dish for lashings of comfort is definitely risotto! What’s great about risotto is once you know how to make a basic risotto, there are so many flavour combinations you can try! I’ve probably tried them all, no joke, but we really love Sage and Chorizo Pumpkin Risotto topped with shavings of parmesan and toasted walnuts. What’s not to like I ask?? If food could give you a hug and a ‘welcome home’ then this would be it.

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Habitat & Birchbox dinner

20th March 2015

Habitat and Birchbox

Last week I had the opportunity to go to a dinner hosted by the team at Habitat and Birchbox to celebrate their collaboration this March. Now for those of you who, like me happen to be new to Birchbox then I’ll explain. It’s a monthly box full of goodies in sample sizes so you can try some of the cult and up and coming brands. Basically try before you buy. If you fall in love with a product you can then buy all the full size versions in their shop which I think is a great idea! I for one find it very hard to commit and pay full whack for any beauty products which generally means I end up opting for the cheap and therefore safe options.

Birchbox have done a few other collaborations with brands for their monthly boxes but I love the idea of them with Habitat and even looking at the pretty, colourful box you get a sense of Habitat’s brand shining through. Where does a beauty website and a home store collide I hear you ask? I will explain but first…

Habitat and Birchbox bloggers eventPhotos of the dinner kindly supplied by the Habitat team

…A selection of beauty and interior bloggers were invited to the Habitat store on Kings Road for a celebration 3 course meal and little run through of new products for both brands. I was all rather fancy. The food was delicious, I got to meet some other really interesting bloggers and picked up some make up tips which was handy as I’m soooo not an expert!

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something for your screen

18th March 2015

Spring flowersTime for some new free desktop wallpapers and it seemed only fitting to bring in some Spring flower vibes! Hopefully having these on your screen will brighten up your day. I love a bit of watercolour and I’m hoping to perhaps get a bit of time over the Easter break to get my paint palette out again and rustle up a few more.

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blooming marvellous

14th March 2015

Cath Kidston Flower WorkshopAll photos are my own accept any of me which were taking by the lovely Cath Kidston PR girls

Last week I was invited to the Cath Kidston ‘Blooming Marvellous’ flower arranging workshop with Grace & Thorn. The whole event was for Mother’s Day which meant I even got to bring my Mum along. It was held in their HQ in a lovely and bright room full of product, cakes and flowers. I don’t always take photos at blogger events because for some unknown reason  they always seem to be so dimly lit…great for ambience but not so good for lovely bright photos. PR companies take note! This was perfect, despite it being in the evening.

Cath Kidston Mother's Day

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