Gluten Free Lemon Chilli Noodle Bowl

19th May 2015

lemon prawn noodlesIt’s been a good old while since I last had any foodie posts on here so right now I intend to put that right! I’m not great with lunch in general. It’s a meal I certainly see more as fuel than pleasure but I guess that hasn’t been helped by me feeling on / off queasy since way back in August last year. Firstly lets get one thing straight friends, I am not pregnant as I would definitely be with the infant in question by now and secondly, yes indeed I have been to the doc, many a time. I have to say it’s been a bit better of late but it often leaves me struggling to know what I feel like for lunch, let alone feeling inspired to cook anything. This dish I’ve been rustling up however is fresh and tasty, takes hardly any time to make and beats nibbling on an orange pepper or chewing on a bowl of dry granola. Just a tad more nutritious too!

It also happens to be gluten free which is handy for lots of people. I seem to have accumulated lots of gluten free friends since moving to London and so have been altering lots of my recipes to suit. I have to say I also feel a little better myself when I leave the gluten at the door but I’m only a part timer. I could only find standard rice noodles but if you want to make it even healthier then you could use brown rice noodles.

lemon prawn noodle bowl

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Sugar & Cloth: DIY egg cup planters

14th May 2015

egg cup planters 4

Greetings from rainy London! I’m bring you a little sprinkle of cuteness this Thursday in the form of my next DIY contribution for Sugar & Cloth. I don’t really eat eggs so I’m not joking when I say I hadn’t even thought about egg cups since I was about 5 but it’s only a matter of time before everything I can possible think of turns into a DIY project! This little ladies are so easy to make and you can find out how over on Sugar & Cloth. While you’re at it check out all her other gorgeous DIY projects. There’s a black hole of inspiration over there!

egg cup planters 2

let’s hang out

12th May 2015

hanging planter

This idea has been bubbling away for a while now but it’s been put to the side on a number of occasions. Everyone loves a hanging planter right? I’ve made and owned various such hanging delights around the house but really wanted to create a tiered version so I could hang three plants at a time. You could actually go wild and add even more tiers but I decided to give start of with three. This baby now sits pride of place in our bedroom replacing our previous planter friend. It had to make way for this superior good looking number…poor thing.

DIY hanging planter

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styling the seasons: May

10th May 2015

styling the seasons10 days in and I’ve finally got around to May’s styling the seasons post. I actually put it off this month as I really wasn’t sure what to do. After having the pretty flowers from Bloom & Wild to style last time and then judging all the beautiful entries for April, I wasn’t sure where to go next!

Then the more I thought about May and my associations I couldn’t help getting a bit nostalgic. For some reason I was taken back to childhood, perhaps because it was always the first month of the year me and my friends would play outside after school and make the most of the first glimpses of Summer. I’d either be picking flowers and foliage from the park (nothing’s changed there), skipping, playing ’40/40 in’ or making leafy dens so I could flex my interior styling muscles in all their 9 year old glory.


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Summer Dining

6th May 2015

summer dining inspiration

serving bowl // marbled candle holders // table linen // serving spoons // woven planter stands // apricot salsa quesadillas // vegetable bowl // mint & watermelon cocktail

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Spreadshirt Giveaway

2nd May 2015

spreadshirt giveaway…And breathe! The bank holiday weekend is here! I am in fact working today, leading the very first two brush lettering classes open to the public with Quill London which I’m really looking forward to. Although I’m rather looking forward to a work free Sunday and Monday too! To celebrate, I’m running this awesome giveaway with Spreadshirt. You may not have heard of them but Spreadshirt are T-shirt printing experts but don’t just print T-shirts. They print on 180 products, from totes bags, to mugs, to aprons, to hoodies, to scarves, to shopping bags, to badges, to mouse mats, to phone cases, to umbrellas….the list goes on. You can choose from a number of their own designs or upload your own custom design or photo, which got me very excited!

Spreadshirt is all about letting your creativity run wild, to personalise a range of things for yourself, as a gift or even for events like weddings and parties. You can even offer your designs to the marketplace and start earning money from every one sold! Uploading designs is easy and you even get a little preview of what the the product will look like.

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Sugar & Cloth DIY Leather Hexagon Tray

29th April 2015

DIY hexagon tray

I’m very excited to reveal that I’m now a Sugar & Cloth contributor…abundant ‘yays’! I’m so pleased to jump on board as I’ve literally followed Ashley’s blog for so long and I’m a big time fan of all her imaginative DIYs. You can have a ball looking through that DIY back catalogue of hers and pinning until your fingers stop working. We also share a serious love of white space incase you didn’t notice!

To kick things off I created this leather hexagon tray with a removable compartment to keep all your bits and pieces organised. Jump over to Sugar & Cloth for the full tutorial here.

DIY hexagon organiser