something for your screen

25th June 2015

summer free desktop wallpapers


Wow! I was just thinking I first started ‘Something for your screen’ freebies nearly two years ago! I remember sketching out some patterns while I was on holiday in Turkey and working them up on my laptop on the plane ride home! Perhaps when we two years exactly I’ll have to do some kind of extravaganza!

This month I fancied drawing some sunglasses (as you do) and it all stemmed from there. I hope you can put these Summery wallpapers to good use in the coming few months. It’s been amazing to actually meet lots of people over the past few week that tell me they’re using my freebies each month and look forward to each new one. That was my aim and I hope that continues. Sometimes it’s easy to put things out there and wonder if any one really is using them so I thought it would be great if you are using one of my wallpapers and you take a photo then do use #somethingforyourscreen if you upload to instagram! It would be ace to share some of them myself too.

So to download this month’s free desktop wallpapers, find them right here!

Sugar & Cloth: DIY hanging mirror

22nd June 2015

mirror 1

Here’s something to perk up your Monday. It’s my next DIY contribution for the fabulous Sugar & Cloth and I’ve gone and got crafty with a chopping board again. Remember I used a wooden chopping board to make this minimal clock? Well now I’ve taken it one step further and adapted a handled chopping board to create a wall mirror for your home. For the full DIY head over to Sugar & Cloth.

sugar & cloth hanging mirror colour block

Styling The Seasons – June

20th June 2015

June Styling The Seasons

And finally my Styling The Seasons post is up for June! June is technically the first month of Summer and even though the British weather doesn’t always oblige it still makes me think of strawberry picking and enjoying maximum sun hours along with that end of exam feeling in my younger days. I’ve really enjoyed spending more time outside on our terrace already and love that I don’t miss out on the outdoors just because we live in London.

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Blogtacular Photowalk

17th June 2015

west elm photowalk

Well hello and welcome to the most colourful post I’ve ever done, courtesy of Blogtacular. It’s pretty much in the name but incase you’re unfamiliar with that, it’s a fab blogging event in London organised by Kat & Kat. The day began at 7am on the Southbank for those of us lunatics that had signed up for the photowalk. While you were all still tucked under your duvets we were out galavanting for a couple of hours of unashamed colour and creativity. As you can imagine it was eerily quiet with the whole of London still in bed but that just meant lots more photo opportunities without a stranger’s leg, head or hand showing up in the corner of our pictures.

colour on the soutbank

The walk was lead by the talented Xanthe Burkley and Sammee lapham and it involved balloons, brights and an abundance of pattern!  It was so fun to have the space to get creative and try out some new things. It’s amazing how I do such a creative job but never really get the chance to be creative just for the sake of it anymore. Such is life.

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Habitat Room Update

15th June 2015

Habitat living room style1  /  2  /  3  /  4  /  5  /  6  /  7  /  8  /  9  /  10

OK, let’s talk about my sofa. No joke, it’s been bothering me for quite a while now, in all it’s brown and bulky glory! Whenever I walk into the living room each morning it offends my sleepy eyes without fail and I really have been longing for one that actually fits in with the rest of our aesthetic or at least doesn’t look like such an imposter. Don’t get me wrong, I was very thankful to inherit a free sofa when we got married and it’s withstood some serious wear and tear along with numerous spillages but try as I might I just can’t learn to love the deep brown colour and chunky style.

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light up

11th June 2015

stone candle DIY 1

I’ve never done a candle DIY before people! How did that happen eh? Well this little number is here to put that right and it all stemmed from a trip to Homebase where I discovered this crazy new spray paint which creates a stone effect. It may not actually be new but it was new to me and as you may be well aware of I’m a spray paint fiend so this find was like uncovering a new sparkly jewel! You can buy this in pebble (which I used) or grey stone or even granite . At first I thought I could make rustic planters and then I remembered that I’ve kind of over done it on the plant front recently and you deserve a break along with something new.

DIY stone scented candle

These candles are made with soy wax and scented with my husbands prized coffee beans ground up. He’s a coffee nutter and so much kit our kitchen sometimes looks like a science lab but even though I’m not big on coffee, I do (along with everyone else in the world) love the smell of it! Cement style coffee candles were born and I hope you appreciate that pleasing alliteration right there.

stone candle DIY 3

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healthy nectarine crumble halves

4th June 2015

crumble 2

There’s nothing quite like Summer to get me in the mood for fruit! I’m sure it tastes 99% better in the sun but perhaps that’s just down to the cravings. Here’s a little fruity dessert idea that I adapted from this Deliciously Ella recipe. I love this topping so so much and it makes this treat quite light. Plus it’s dairy free, gluten free & refined sugar free so it’s for everyone…ahem, unless you have a nut allergy (cough).  I served it with some frozen coconut cream which is essentially like ice cream, also much appreciated on warm days!

nectarine crumble

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