New work & the Etsy Wedding Fair

26th April 2015

watercolou meadow set

Good news, I’ve finally gotten / made a moment to add my brand new wedding set to my Etsy shop and it’s feels very Summery indeed! Meet ‘Watercolour Meadow’. I fancied creating another floral design but this time looser and fully designed with watercolour and ink. I had such a fun day creating the original artworks for the set. I’m sure I could just doodle away with ink and watercolour all day long.

watercolou meadow wedding stationery

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Design*Sponge DIY Hanging Frame

23rd April 2015

DIY hanging half frame

A still very sleepy good morning to you! I’m very excited to bring you this DIY tutorial I did for Design*Sponge. I was obviously ecstatic to flex my DIY muscles for such along standing design pillar in the blogging world. Grace is such a talented curator and maker!

If you’re bored of the same old standard frames then have a go trying something a bit different for your walls and I know I always say this with my DIYs but it really is so easy! I also indulged my new love affair with wood stain just a little more. Check out how to make this DIY Hanging Wall Frame and add some drama to your wall!

website design, yes please!

21st April 2015

Udfore web designLot’s of people ask me who designed my blog / website and I can merrily say through all my branding shake ups and indecisive whims, it’s been my husband all the way. Whilst the actual designed elements have always been my doing, he’s made my web dreams come to life! He also designs totally from scratch and has a great eye for layout and when I say a great eye, I mean he’s a layout perfectionist in the best way possible. I stand in awe as he mixes creativity with a mathematical mind. I wish I could do that!

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something for your screen

17th April 2015

Here comes the sun free desktop wallpapers

It’s time for some Friday freebies to draw the working week to a close. It’s been such lovely weather here after the last few weeks that I’ve taken my camera out and about a bit more. I’m really enjoying capturing all the plant life nearby. It seemed silly not to make them into desktop wallpapers for you to all download and bring the sun to your screens! Believe it or not the palm tree was taken in Britain…we do have them you know, they’re just more commonly seen surrounded by grey drizzle.

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Gathered Cheer Social

15th April 2015

gathered cheer socialA few months ago you may remember me posting about the launch of my pal, Ruth’s new blog and website site designed by my husband and I. It’s called Gathered Cheer and was the start of her new little venture to do exactly what the name suggests and that’s gather like minded people to have fun, collaborate and cheer each other on. Always inspired by blogging events and conferences and excited to meet other bloggers but a little overwhelmed by networking on mass , she decided to organise smaller gatherings to see that happen. Each one is hosted by a different blogger and is where they live and in some way relevant to what they do / true to their style. To kick things off, I had the pleasure of being the first to host a Gathered Cheer Social at my sunny flat in West London. This one was a more intimate meet up to munch our way through brunch and have a good old natter.

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Behind the screen

12th April 2015


Last time I talked about how I trained in art and design and what I learnt along the way.  I said that next up would be how I made the jump to freelance but when I sat down to write I realised that I couldn’t really go there without having first talked about blogging. I wouldn’t have even considered freelancing if it wasn’t for blogging and I certainly don’t think I would have had the same opportunities come my way! 

I recently celebrated 3 years of blogging. This was strange because on one hand I’m wondering where the time went, and on the other it feels like I’ve always blogged. Born blogging… that’s a funny concept! I never thought I’d be ‘a blogger’ and in fact it took me a year and half to really register that’s what I was. Sounds obvious, right?! 

The reason why I have a blog is really down to my Husband. When we got married in 2011 I discovered blogs for the first time. I was a bit late to the game but I started with wedding blogs and then realised there was one for everything! I was glued to them. I’ was sucked in for hours feeling drenched with inspiration. I’d been in a bit of dry patch creatively, not feeling inspired by my work at my job and having stopped drawing and craft projects outside of work. Suddenly I was so inspired I thought I might burst, I was full to the brim with ideas. So I got creative again, drawing, painting, styling for the first time, getting crafty and I loved it.

Nick told me I needed to start a blog so I had a place to put all my creative projects and inspiration. I knew that made sense but I fobbed him off many a time saying I didn’t have the time (how about all the time I spent reading blogs? Eh?).  To be honest I was also a bit worried about getting immersed in that world where things become about you and this amazing ‘life is perfect’ facade. I was worried about finding my identity in it when as a Christian my identity is and should always be in Christ. So I sat on the fence for a while longer and finally went for it, whilst trying to be mindful of why I’d started in the first place. Ironically, thinking back I actually started the blog at one of the hardest points in my life, so things certainly weren’t perfect but it gave me a creative outlet that had been previously shelved.

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Ikea Bedside Table Hack

8th April 2015

ikea hack 1

Happy middle of the week! As promised I’m bringing you the Ikea hack I talked about in my bedroom update and all you bargain babes out there are going to love it. I found this Ikea side table going for £9.00 and was immediately captivated. Looking at it in the before it really doesn’t look like anything to write home about but I do love taking something that’s as cheap as chips and making it look a little lovelier.

We are using them as bedside tables but you can equally just use as them side tables as pictured above.

before ikea hack

I was a teeny bit worried that when I put these side tables together they’d literally sway from side to side and fall apart when the bedside lamp was placed on top but I was pleasantly surprised. If you tighten the screws properly it’s not at all flimsy although mistaking one for a stool would be a step too far for survival so don’t try that at home.

Believe it or not I’d never actually used wood stain before but I love it! Like my love affair with spray paint, I now want to stain everything in our flat! Hmmm….and breath….activate self control. I used Rosewood but you can pick whichever shade suits your room. There’s usually tester squares in the shop so you can see each tone properly before buying.

DIY ikea hack

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