hello urbanic paper boutique

24th April 2014

baby showerI bring you sparkly, celebratory loveliness this fine Thursday (um where did this week go)?? If you love throwing a party or if you’re just a party-ware magpie then you may be left drooling over the beautiful celebration ranges at Urbanic Paper Boutique. To give you a little taster of whats on offer I’ve put together two collaged selections, which I hope get’s your party planning imagination running wild. Check out the shop!

garden party

Happy Easter

20th April 2014


Image source unnkown // typography by The Lovely Drawer

Hello friends! Happy Easter to you all on this special day of celebration. The whole Christian faith is based around this day, when Jesus overcame death and rose to life! The Bible shares eye witness accounts of this event and all that leads up to it, so that we can see who this Jesus was and what he came to do.

On our own we have no time for the God who lovingly created each and everyone of us. We are trapped in our own selfish patterns of living, bowing down and worshipping things God has created rather than him. God sent his Son Jesus, from glory to this fallen Earth which is tainted by our selfishness so that he could save us from ourselves. We didn’t ask him to. We didn’t even think we needed saving from our sin but that was always God’s rescue plan.

God gave us himself. Jesus lived a perfect life. One we could never some close to living (let’s be honest) and he died the death that we were meant to die. He took all our wrongs, neglect and ungodliness on himself even though he didn’t deserve our punishment. He was flogged, beaten and crucified whilst the people he was trying to save watched and mocked him. But on Easter Sunday and every single day we can celebrate because he overcame what we couldn’t. He rose from the grave and offers us new life if we put our trust in him. We can’t earn God’s approval…phew. Jesus has done that for anyone who puts their trust in him. Now we can approach him freely and without shame.

‘In him and through faith in him we may approach God with freedom and confidence.’ Ephesians 3:12

We deserve nothing and yet God gives us everything. If you come to follow him this doesn’t necessarily mean you will instantly have health and wealth here on this Earth. But you will be right with God and have a hope that’s rooted in Christ’s victory, which has already been achieved and will never change! We can look forward to our eternal inheritance which waits for us beyond this world. So don’t dismiss this amazing gift of love that God has given. We are all searching for some kind of saviour but Jesus is the true saviour. He does not disappoint and offers us infinitely more than we could ever get or achieve on our own. On the cross we see selfless love and in the empty tomb we know true hope!

a stylish serving

19th April 2014

diy patterned tray 1

I hope you’re all enjoying a long bank holiday weekend! Nick told my outright that if I was even thinking of doing any work over the bank holiday (which I might have been) that he wouldn’t let me get away with it. So that’s that then. I thought I’d just break into the long weekend for second and leave you with a simple little DIY idea. You can even give it a whirl this weekend with the extra time you have.

I’ve been eyeing up this metallic patterned paper sheet up in Paperchase for a while now and have finally got around to thinking up a project in order to buy it. You can actually use any patterned paper you want, but if like me you’ve gone gaga for this beautiful art deco style pattern, you can find it in the paper and craft section of most Paperchase stores at the moment.

You’ll need…

  •  A plain tray
  • Patterned paper of your choice
  • Mod Podge glue (the outdoor version may be more hardwearing)
  • Gold metallic spray paint
  • Foam brush
  • Washi or masking tape
  • Scissors
  • Scrap paper

diy patterned tray 2

To make…

  1. Firstly cover the inside of your tray with scrap paper to fit. Tape down if necessary.
  2. Spray paint the tray ridge and under side and leave to dry.
  3. Then measure the inside of your tray and cut your patterned paper to fit.
  4. Tape around the inside part of the ridge to prevent glue from getting on the metallic areas.
  5. Using your mod lodge and sponge brush, cover the inner section with glue and then press the patterned paper into place carefully. Smooth out any air bubbles and then leave to dry under some heavy books to keep it flat. If you are worried about wrinkling you could spray mount your paper to a sheet of card the same size before glueing it to the inside of the tray.
  6. Once dry apply a coat of Mod Podge on top of the patterned paper and leave to dry.
  7. Then apply another 1-2 coats to properly seal the paper and make it water resistant. Leave to dry in between.
  8. Once totally dry you can peel away the protective tape and get piling stuff onto your new tray!

diy patterned tray 3

neck candy

16th April 2014

boo and boo factory

Images from Boo + Boo Factory // layout graphics from The Lovely Drawer

I fell hard for this stunning jewellery a few weeks ago! Talk about statement jewellery…this definitely is that. Christina over at Boo + Boo Factory uses colour and texture with such confidence it’s inspiring and the bold shapes are influenced by her training in architecture. Each piece is made with different coloured leathers, some of which are hand painted. If you fancy adorning yourself with some serious impact then visit the Boo + Boo Factory Etsy shop.

plain to pattern

11th April 2014

DIY cushion 1This pattern might look a bit familiar and you’d be right! I liked the dabbed paint affect from the DIY phone pouch so much that I thought it needed to make it’s way onto a cushion too. This kind of painting takes minimal skill and therefore minimal time. That’s the kind of DIY I’m sure we all like.DIY cushion 2You’ll need…

  • Scissors
  • Wool in the colour of your choice
  • Plain white cushion
  • Cushion inner
  • Black fabric paint
  • Paint brush
  • Cardboard scrap
  • Needle and white thread
  • White paper

DIY cushion 3To make…

  1. Firstly take the inside of your cushion cover with your cardboard to protect the under side and then dab on strokes of black fabric paint with your brush. They don’t all need to be exactly the same size and shape but try and keep them roughly evenly spaced. Leave to dry.
  2. Draw around a glass to make a circle. I used a champagne flute as this was the right size for my desired pom pom size. Then draw around something smaller to create the hole for the middle. Cut around both circle marks (you may need a scalpel for the middle). Then repeat so you have two.
  3. Place one disc on top of the other and start wrapping your wool around. Wrap the wool round until it looks like the above disc. The hole in the middle should now be quite small.
  4. Then cut another piece of wool and slot it in between the two cardboard discs. Tie this in a tight knot.
  5. Then pull the discs away from each other so that the pom pom is released. and then you can trim any excess bits of wool.
  6. When the cushion cover is dry, iron over the pattern with a piece of plain paper in between. The heat will fix the paint.
  7. Then thread your needle and sew a pom pom in each corner, threading through the centre of each to make sure it’s secure.
  8. Then fill the cover with your cushion inner and find a home for your new make.

DIY cushion 4I hope you enjoyed this revamp of an oldie but goodie. Perhaps something to try over the weekend. Have a lovely one!

something for your screen

8th April 2014

colour strips wallpaper

Here we go people…I’m going to confront you with a whole face full of colour! I need something to wake me up a bit, maybe this will do the trick. I’m a total Zombie this week even after a very chilled weekend and an early night last night. I nearly fell asleep whilst eating breakfast yesterday which is really saying something as it’s my favourite meal of the day.

Anyway, if you follow me on Instagram then you may remember me posting a photo of a rather lovely painted sandwich board I saw on the pavement a few weeks ago. Well that’s what inspired this months desktop TLC. Inspiration comes from strange places sometimes! Download them for free right here and enjoy your colour blast.

the grass is always greener

3rd April 2014

Green, white, black, greyFrom top right: dining area // bouquet // glassware // pea & goats cheese tart // patterned bag planters // art print // painted patterned brickwork

I can’t say I’ve ever owned many green clothes or had a lot of green going on in my home but I’m starting to wonder why? Grass green, black, white and grey is such a striking combination that I put together this colour inspiration to steer you into the same appreciation party I’m currently in!

lovely little trip

31st March 2014

belgium 1

Well it’s Monday and it’s back to business after such a memorable time away. We spent 5 nights in Brussels and then moved onto Bruges for 2 nights. I’ve done a lot of city exploring with my fidgety-footed family but this was our first city break as a couple, which made it all the more fun. It was so nice to have a good amount of time there which meant no rushing around trying to pack everything in like crazy kids on some kind of sugar high. Instead we could return late afternoon every day and have a leisurely bubble bath (we don’t have one at home) before dinner. Oh yes did I mention, it was SO cold! It might have been the coldest I’ve been all winter and had to arm myself with six layers on my top half plus gloves and hat everyday! It was very strange coming back to London’s sunny 19 degrees!

I didn’t know much about Brussels apart from it’s reputation for an abundance of waffles, chocolate and moules frites but we discovered a whole world of history on our little walking tour and lots of fun a quirky shops down back streets. Bruges was as pretty as all the pictures you see and I was waiting for just one unattractive building but it never came. The canal winds it’s way through the city and you can get lost in all the little cobbled streets. I learnt that Flemmish is in fact Dutch. I honestly had no idea that was the case but felt much more comfortable in Brussels where I could read signs and vaguely communicate in French. They kindly humoured me.

belgium 2

We arrived home with our bodies crying out for veg after a carb and meat ladened week but man those waffles really are good! Semi contemplating putting a waffle maker on my Birthday wish list but then they just wouldn’t be the same would they. So back to normal life then.

spice & all things nice

22nd March 2014


Hello from Belgium! Just checking in to say there’s a new recipe for you over at Aspiring Kennedy blog. Lauren is currently living in the height of sophistication, masquerading as a Parisian local (amazing). Make sure you follow here travels over on her blog. Back to the sweet stuff…if you love brownies but want to mix your flavours up a bit then try this simple recipe. Mmmm gooey!

a little break

21st March 2014


We’re off for a little trip to Brussels & Bruges yay! Very excited to get away for a bit and spend some time with the husband, exploring a little bit of Belgium. What’s made the whole trip even more lovely and exciting is that it’s effectively been sponsored by some very generous people.  So so kind!

People keep on telling me how amazing the chocolate will be but I’m not actually that big on the stuff myself (I know you’re questioning whether I’m a girl right now). I’m way more excited about the prospect of waffles drizzled with all manner of things. Oh yes and all the history stuff too. I’m not even joking, I often become geekily excited about history when I visit a place. This may look like regurgitating every last detail from a 3 hour walking tour to anyone who’ll listen on my return home or spouting the history of my History GCSE lessons on any vaguely fitting topic, as my eye catches something new.

So see you in a week. Let’s hope the inspiring surroundings aren’t constantly in a rain cloud. I guess there’s always those waffles to console ourselves with if that’s the case.