Behind the screen

10th October 2015

branding your business

It’s been longer than I intended since the last ‘Behind The Screen’ post so I apologise. Ironically this one of all so far should be have been the quickest and easiest to write as I’ve already spoken on this stuff at two events. It’s also something I feel really strongly about and constantly sigh as I see so many people get it really wrong. Obviously some of it is down to taste but there are some banding basics that need to be considered across the board when you’re creating an identity for your business. Whether it’s your blog, a full time business or selling things on the side of your job, branding is so important and really can make or break your business. Does that sound a bit extreme? I’ll explain why it’s not and this is all coming from someone who got it so wrong so many times before, trust me.

Even though you may not have put any thought into branding your blog or business, I’m afraid to break the uncomfortable news that you have created a brand, like it or not. Everything has an identity with the images used, the logo, the font, the voice and tone etc etc. The idea of ‘unbranded’ is a total myth. Even so called, ‘unbranded products like Tesco Value still have recognisable packaging that’s consistent across the whole range. You could probably recall what they look like in your head and you associate that with ‘cheap’. So if everything is branded then surely we need to be very deliberate about the process, in order to send out the right message, communicate the right story and create the right feel. Branding is the packaging to your product. Done well, it cleverly draws the audience / buyer in so they want to read further, listen longer or purchase.

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Brush stroke storage boxes

4th October 2015

DIY brush stroke boxes | storage | the lovely drawer

I’m all about storage, big and small, wide and skinny, I don’t mind aslong as it hides clutter in a pretty way. I’m forever shoving things away in boxes and corners of our cupboards, so much so I don’t often remember where anything is, much to my husbands disgrace. ‘Where’s that form I left on the table’, is often met with an ‘ummmm’ and a lot of head scratching from me. So it’s no surprise that I’ve made another little storage DIY for you because you can never have enough.

DIY idea | ring pull brush stroke boxes | the lovely drawer

These are are perfect little trinket boxes for jewellery, house odds and ends, keys, sewing threads and needles, coins….the list goes on. After using a papermache box in my recent Voyage wallpaper challenge DIY, I wanted to put the others in the pack to good use. They look pretty ugly in their raw form but provide a perfect blank canvas for a transformation. The best thing is that using simple brush strokes to do this means you really don’t have to be an artist at all for this one. There’s nothing even or symmetrical about it, you literally just need to be able to pick up a paint brush! The brass ring pulls finish the whole thing off nicely and making them a whole lot easier to open.

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Get creative with a Lifestyle Wall

30th September 2015

Lifestyle wall solution | the lovely drawerA couple of weeks ago I got a little peek, along with some other lovely bloggers at a sparkly new product from British Gysum’s Rooms Made For You. The Lifestyle Wall was introduced to us by Channel 4’s George Clarke as ‘a total interiors game changer’ and so I was obviously left with high expectations, eagerly awaiting an explanation of how this magical product worked. I can safely say with the bar set high, I wasn’t disappointed. The Lifestyle Wall is the cream of the crop in plasterboard for your walls. At the mention of plasterboard I realise you may have just nodded off but this stuff can make your creative plans for every wall in your home a dream come true with it being easier, stronger, faster, cleaner and reusable. Why haven’t we all heard about this before?…well exactly.

Lifestyle wall home | the lovely drawer

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something for your screen

27th September 2015

watercolour lettered free desktop wallpapersWow, it’s that time of the month again! Time for some more free desktop wallpapers and this month I’ve kept it simple with my trusty watercolours and a limited colour palette. Both sets of text seem particularly relevant to me at the moment. Summer was definitely a time of learning to say ‘no’. When you start out as a freelancer in many ways you have to say yes to nearly everything to get known, be ‘out there’ and build up a body of work. I didn’t need any one to point a gun to my head in order to see streams of yes’ pouring out of my mouth. I’m the kind of gal that finds it hard to say ‘no’. I’ve had so many good things come from all those yes’ but there finally came a time when I had too much work and was in the rather fancy position of choosing between projects and even prioritising those with more financial gain (madness). The learning process has made me much more selective in business,  which I think has done wonders for my sanity but I also don’t want to totally shelve that eager spirit that says ‘yes, yes, yes’. Sometimes saying yes to things brings you down a route you never thought you’d go and opens up other possibilities for your business or creativity which is a great thing.

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Sugar & Cloth: Mini photo holders

23rd September 2015

mini mountain photo holders 3Happy hump day! It sure has felt like that for me today but hooray because my next DIY contribution is up on Sugar & Cloth! Let me introduce you to these mini mountain photo holders, possibly the cutest way to display your postcards and pictures…possibly. What do you think?

mini mountain photo holders 6Head over to Sugar & Cloth for the full tutorial here. It does of course include my one true love, polymer clay. This time you don’t even need to roll or mould it…madness!

mini mountain photo holders 8

Styling the seasons: September

21st September 2015

styling the seasons september | breakfast | home styleHere we are moving into the second year of Styling The Seasons and it will be really interesting to compare last year’s month on month styling with this year’s. Having spent last year getting a bit nostalgic and basing the styling on my experience of what I associate each month with based on the past, this year I want to share what I want for that month in a much current sense. Unfortunately illness has made me a little late for the first month but I’m getting back on the horse regardless.

Whilst September often spells out a new term, the end of holidays and waving good bye to a slower pace of life and hello to a bulging inbox, I really wanted to avoid getting caught up in my manic mentality from before. This month’s style is all about taking life a little slower and finding pockets of time to rest and enjoy a quiet moment, a leisurely breakfast or an afternoon with friends, without a head full of work check lists making me unable to enjoy the moment.

styling the seasons september | breakfast time | home style copy

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bring nature inside

18th September 2015

botanical collection | the lovely drawer | interior decor copyPernille Folcarelli

You may have noticed that I bang on about the seasons here in my little corner of the internet. It’s actually not at all intentional but it’s funny to look back and see what I consistently take note of and I seem to love what each new season brings but at the same time Spring and Summer hold the sweet spot in my heart. It’s mainly because the British weather is generally generous enough to allow for more time in nature even if that’s just in people’s thriving gardens. Come Autumn/ Winter all the greenery is slowly lost to make way for skeleton branches and barer horizons. This got me thinking about ways to bring the plant life inside in this bleaker months, to fill your home with a much needed dollop of nature.

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