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28th August 2015

stationery party free desktop wallpapersHappy Friday people! I can see your tired out eyes lighting up as you leave work and travel home for the long weekend and even though I only need to travel from my table to the kitchen this evening I share the tiredness and excitement! To make things all the more sweeter I’ve illustrated some jolly free desktop wallpapers for August (just). I’ve been very aware that September is fast approaching and it made me think of all the fun of new term stationery. You know the drill, that feeling of satisfaction when you arrived on the first day back to school with your sparkling new pencil case, untouched pencils and perhaps even the latest gel pens to grace the shelves of WHsmith. I still haven’t grown out of that and I know many of you are total stationery magpies too.

So come join the stationery party and download your free desktop wallpapers right here! As I said last time, please do use #somethingforyourscreen if you post any of my monthly wallpapers on Instagram. It was such fun seeing you guys get on board with the brush lettered sayings from last month. Have a lovely weekend!

Styling the Seasons – August

24th August 2015

August styling the seasonsHello all! Here’s my over optimistic contribution to the August Styling The Seasons posts. When I look at these shots they look so bright and Summery and then I just turn my head slightly to the window and see a whole different story unravelling outside. Enough moaning though as all the Saturdays in August so far have been sun filled and that’s all that really matters for the majority of us out there.

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A Simple Summer Supper

19th August 2015

chickpea soft shell tacos | the lovely drawer

I posted this meal on Instagram a couple of months ago and said I’d rustle it up again for a proper blog post and recipe so here it is! I fell in love with the simplicity of this meal as soon as I made it for the first time. Few ingredients and little effort to make such a tasty meal. These chickpea flour tortillas could also be used savoury pancakes or a carb to go with curry as I’ve tried in the past, just add a pinch of cumin. So get creative and use to your heart’s content.

crayfish clean soft shell tacos | the lovely drawer

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Sugar & Cloth : DIY fiesta bowls

17th August 2015

Chips 'n' dips DIY bowls 1

I hope you guys all had a fab weekend and much relaxation was had! My next monthly DIY is live over on Sugar & Cloth and this one is especially for Summer entertaining. You don’t need a whole lot to make these fun dipping bowls but they’ll make your table come alive, fiesta style! You may well be able to tell I have a bit of a thing for porcelain paint at the moment so go get your hands on some. Find the full DIY tutorial right here.

sugar & cloth DIY fiesta bowls

I’m also very chuffed to have been nominated for an Amara Interior Blog Award! I’m in the DIY & craft category so if you enjoy my DIY projects then would you be ever so sweet and pop over to vote for me here. It just takes a second and you’d make me ever such a happy girl!


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make a statement

12th August 2015

DIY wall art | the lovely drawer

Happy hump day! I’m bringing you an easy but effective DIY idea to fill some space on your wall. I do love myself some statement wall art and this only requires minimal supplies, so why not eh? Try hanging it with a cluster of other lovely wall prints or prop up on a shelf to add a pop! This project really will make you feel like you’re back in primary school, splattering paint all over the place and cutting paper strip brings back the nostalgia of making paper chains. I think it somewhat therapeutic actually! I’ve even made a little downloadable template to make it really simple…simple enough for primary school some might say.

DIY paint splatter wall art | the lovely drawer

Mount it in a plain black frame for maximum impact and match with other art from your home. I used to be all about white frames but the more I work onto white backgrounds the more I realise how well a black frame can finish off a piece. In all honesty I probably have enough white in my flat as it is (you may have noticed *blush*).

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behind the screen

6th August 2015

going freelance2

Last time I talked about making the jump to freelance and perhaps the word jump is an understatement, at least for what it felt like at the time. In this post I’ll talk about the day to day of setting up on your own and the great bits as well as the many challenges. Hopefully I can give a realistic view of growing your own creative business. As I’ve said before, these posts are coming from my own experiences and friends in similar positions that I’ve chatted to. Just because I’ve made the jump and come out the other end unscathed doesn’t make me an expert. Having said that I don’t really know what you need to qualify as an expert on any given subject. I definitely wouldn’t say a degree or even a masters or PHD could make you an expert in any field without years of experience living out the day to day of whatever it was you studied.

Initial Elation

Starting out on my full time freelance journey, I felt liberated and that kind of nervous excitement you get that’s mainly powered by adrenaline. I finished work on a Tuesday weirdly enough and lots of people asked if I was going to take the rest of the week off before diving in, to which my answer was ‘no, I’m just going to get on with it’. As I said previously, I’d decided on what my days would generally be looking like with a bare bones structure but it was surreal hearing my alarm go off the next morning and knowing that I was officially the boss (eek). I set off on my walk around the park on my fake commute (I’m weird I know) and realised I could just take my time if I wanted. I started noticing parts of our neighbourhood I’d never had the time to notice before and actually finding inspiration all around me. It helped that it was a super sunny Spring morning, of course.

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bathroom tidy up

2nd August 2015

DIY bathroom bucket bags | the lovely drawerIt’s pretty unusual that I ever stray into my bathroom on this blog, in fact I’m not sure I ever have. Having said that, I figured that, like us you may also have a whole lot of toiletries from face wash,to moisturisers, to exfoliators, to lotions and potions, mouthwash to make up. Just to put to rest any doubt, the make up is mine, not my husband’s! All of these goodies get shoved into our bathroom cabinet, that very conveniently came with the room but now it’s getting to the point where there ain’t no room at the Inn. When you get to the stage where a number of items fall out into the sink every time the cabinet door opens, you know something has to be done!

DIY bathroom storage | the lovely drawerWith that in mind I wanted to create some storage bags to house all the extra bits and bobs whilst keeping them relatively organised and pretty. It’s all to easy to buy unattractive storage but when somethings functional and adds something to the aesthetic of a room, I’d say that’s a double win!

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