moody bathroom update

    It wasn’t that long ago that I tackled this bathroom but here I am coming back for round 2!

colour inspiration

dutch rooftops/ quilted blanket/ patterned wall/ typography/ necklace/ polka dots (unknown source) I’m thoroughly enjoying this eye catching colour combination!

free printable valentines card

This was actually the card I made Nick for our Anniversary but I thought it would work quite nicely for Valentines Day. Just download the PDF here and follow the instructions below. To get the look, use flecked, recycled card.  

brown butter pumpkin cake

Ok so I love pumpkin! Pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, roast pumpkin, pumpkin ravioli, pumpkin bread…I could go on. Sometimes I think I should have been born in America. Anyway I’m always finding yummy recipes that incorporate this delicious ingredient but in Britain you can’t just walk into any old supermarket and pick up a can…

much loved

May I introduce you to Rob Hodgson. I love love love his naïve illustrations so very much. His printed and scratchy textures gives each image added depth and his characters ooze personality. I’ve posted quite an array for you to peruse so enjoy.

paint it on

After my last post you might realise I’m digging the chalkboard trend. Here’s another simple gift idea…buy some glass water bottles (these are from IKEA) and paint on rectangles of blackboard paint so they can be labelled with whatever drink they want. Tie on some chalk and it’s good to go. Pretty handy for entertaining! In…

diy hot chocolate kits

These were another Christmas present make but could easily work for any gift during these chilly winter months. I made the mugs a bit more fun with some blackboard fun. Warm your insides and get doodle happy at the same time, lovely. You’ll need the following to make up your kit…. They are really easy…

homemade jotters

Nick and I decided to continue last years tradition of making Christmas presents, which perhaps sounds sweeter than it actually works out in practise. We set aside a day to embrace our inner elf and set up a production line. One day is simply not enough if you want to go at a leisurely speed.…

merry christmas

In amongst all the frills and thrills of Christmas day it’s easy to lose sight of what we’re celebrating, when in fact it’s the best news ever to hit this world. God came to this earth as a man, giving up the glory of heaven for a humble life as a human named Jesus. He…

a spoonful of sugar

I love Oreos and I love fudge so this seemed like a very happy idea. The recipe is so simple and doesn’t require a huge list of ingredients.  To make the fudge… 1.Break Oreos into small chunks and split one of the cans of condensed milk in half.  2.Heat some water in a saucepan until…

calendar love

1.TwoPaperDollsShop/2.Darling Clementine/3.Mademoiselleyo/4.Dozi/5.Bomobob/ 6.Pistachio Press/7.Rifle Paper Co. It’s nearly time to throw away your 2012 calendar and wheel in a fresh one for 2013. In case you’re lacking in inspiration, here’s seven possible contenders.

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