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The Affordable Art Fair: Inspiring Our Homes

One thing I was very pleased to hear when we moved into our rented flat was the go ahead to hammer nails into the wall, not a given when you don’t own your home. I had been so sad not to have the option in my previous rented homes, always lamenting the limitations on personalising the walls and…

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Fill Your Walls

You may have noticed a bit of a lull last week here on the blog. All I can say is it was definitely one of ‘those’ weeks. The kind where you wish you could blink and it was the weekend, except the weekend comes and it ain’t much better. Anyway I think I’ll forget last week…

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new prints & a giveaway

from the top: dash & dance // set sail // look see  This is later than promised but better late than never! I’ve added three more prints to my Etsy shop so you can pop over and have a gander. I particularly had fun with these three, getting my spontaneous brush strokes in gear and…

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