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Summer Balcony Makeover

Out door space in London is in short supply but amazingly we’ve been very fortunate in both our flats to have a slither for ourselves. Our first flat had a rather large rooftop terrace, all be it a bit strange as the door out was from our bedroom and then the space actually had no…

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When In Doubt, Fake It

monstera leaf and tree from Ikea When I say I have a love, hate relationship, it’s more that I love plants and they hate me. Greenery in my home makes me burst with happiness and I’m sure there’s a correlation between the growing amount of green life in the flat and the amount I enjoy…

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Bathroom Restyle With Habitat

Bathrooms are often neglected spaces. I don’t know about you but it’s usually the last place I give any attention in my home. As you’ll see below my bathroom was pretty bleak, particularly that very sad looking plant loitering in the corner! I recently decided to show my bathroom some love with the help of…

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