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DIY Valentine’s Day

succulent gift bags | concrete hearts | holding hearts pop up cards | hugs & kisses planter | flower wrapping ideas | floral lolly soaps

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something for your screen

Well this is kind of  a day later than I’d hoped but isn’t it the month of love??… hold on…doesn’t love exist all year round?? I think so. Guys I’ve beed so creatively frustrated recently! It’s so amaaaazing to be so booked up with design work and yet I have so many half finished projects for the…

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valentine’s day comes late

Life has seemed pretty non-stop busy recently, which is possibly why I ended up rundown and nursing a yucky cold this week. Nick and I decided to do Valentines day on Saturday rather than Thursday which was a brilliant idea! Pancake day had also been a no show as Mr Cold had me wiped out…

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