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habitat sofa lovewatercolour cushion | diy speckled cushion | diy copper criss-cross cushion (below)

You may well remember this post from last month. I had a little rant about our old, bulky, brown sofa and announced the wait for a much more stylish alternative from Habitat. Well, delivery day came and I literally jumped up and down in anticipation. I can safely say they weren’t lying about it being easy to manoeuvre into tight spaces. Our last sofa took five men and a lot of knocking on our brand new neighbours door on a Saturday morning to gain more space to push the beast. This one however, went in like a breeze!

living room corner I Habitat sofa

It nestled in nicely by our bay window after adding the legs. I could’ve even assembled this one (I mean I didn’t, but I didn’t want to steal my husband’s man points, obviously). I’ve been making the most of lounging around on my new comfy friend ever since! Some people love really squishy sofas (our old ones were that) but I much prefer one that’s a bit firmer so I don’t instantly fall asleep at the moment of contact. The Hyde is firm without losing any of it’s comfort, great news for a sofa that’s also such a reasonable price. The light grey colour I picked really brightens up that corner of our home and just as predicted, works so much better with the overall look of the room. It’s a massive thumbs up from me! Is it lame that I was a little bit sad to leave it so soon to go on holiday? On second thoughts, don’t answer that.

living room overhaulThis post was written in collaboration with Habitat who gifted me this delightful sofa. All opinions are well and truly my own.

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