15 DIY gift ideas for Christmas

DIY Christmas gifts

Ordering your Christmas gifts from Amazon Prime, last minute may be the height of convenience and believe me, I’ve done it before! However, if you can get organised and find some time to make your gifts, it’s not only more satisfying but a whole lot more meaningful. Handmade gifts don’t need to be dodgy knitted jumpers in all shades of the rainbow…don’t be that person. I’ve pulled out 15 DIY ideas that aren’t particularly complex or time heavy so you can get creative in the run up to Christmas. Admittedly most of these are more suitable for the ladies in your life but let’s be honest most guys only want you to head to their amazon wish list anyway.

DIY clay mini air planters

These don’t even need to be for air plants, they could also be cute photo holders for a more sentimental gift

DIY balsa gem boxes

These cute, little boxes can be used as the gift itself or even as a rather fancy gift box.

DIY speckled clay keyrings

Everyone needs a keyring, so why not make it a stylish one!

DIY hanging fringe mirror

For the friend that loves pinterest-worthy interiors

DIY eucalyptus soap

Soap could potentially be a very dull gift but add a twist with eucalyptus. I can imagine it smells amazing!

DIY floral bath salts

Treat someone to more luxurious bath times. This project comes with printable labels too so you can make them look super special.

DIY personalised lavender bags

Here’s a sweet way to make your gift really personal. These will keep their drawers smelling fragrant but also capture memories you’ve shared with them.

DIY speckled candle stick holders

Add a modern twist to plain candleholders in a super simple way!

DIY tassel earrings

Impress with this gift idea that looks far more complicated to make than it really is.

DIY  wood jewellery organiser

For the jewellery hoarder in your life. Help them out or just use this to drop a massive hint.

DIY concrete ring holder

This one’s perfect for any ring wearer to beautify their collection

DIY leather earrings

Another statement earring idea that you can tailor to their preferred colours and patterns.

DIY cocoa butter lip balm  

These couldn’t be easier to make and you can pour a whole batch for a number of people.

DIY Scandi trivets

These can either be used as a heat protector trivet or as coaster but either way look uber stylish

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